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Hi, my name is Jennie and I am 29 years old. I am a single daughter of my parents and they love me the most. Since childhood, my parents have been fulfilling all of my needs and all the wishes. I always wanted to learn how to cook food so I asked my mother to teach me. At that time I was younger so my mother didn’t teach me. I got angry and made the decision to make food on my own. The same night when my parents fall asleep so I went into the kitchen and tried to cook food on my own. I opened YouTube and tried to look and copy to cook something easy and instead of cooking I burned my hand and I ran straight to my parent’s room by screaming and crying all around in the house. My mother applied some ointment cream gave me a tablet and asked me to sleep with them.

The next day when I woke up so my hand was completely red and there was something on my hand and it was disgusting and it used to burn. From that day I decided that I would never go in kitchen never ever. When I got older and started going to High school so one a friend of mine brought a burger and it was very tasty and she had made it in her home by her own. The burger was really very tasty I asked her for recipe so she told me that she had bought a meal box from Dinnerly and have just made it. I went to home and searched about it, I was amazed that they are the best meal delivery service and they have a huge range and variety of food. I decided to order a meal and try to make it deep inside me I was thinking to cook something on my own but I was also scared of burn but any how I decided to cook it and I placed order.

When I received my meal box so I was amazed as they had sent all of the raw material like spice and everything was there all I had was to just follow the steps given in the recipe and follow as it and the food will be ready. I did the same I was asked to just add the things when the step or its turn comes. I did the same and in the end, I made the dish on my own. After getting the dish ready I tasted it and took it to the table and asked my parents to try it. You guys would not believe they really liked it and they even asked me to make some other dishes too and that’s how I kept ordering meal boxes and now I can cook anything I want to on my own instead of following steps in the recipe. Thanks to Dinnerly and its Dinnerly Coupon Code for helping me get the best meal for a really cheap price but with the best taste.